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The burning beach.A fishing boat blazes at dusk on a sandy beach at Willie Creek north of Broome.The vessel belonged to Indonesian fishermen who were apprehended by navy patrol boats for intruding into Australian waters and quarantined on the property of Craig and Coralie Kennedy.With official sanction Kennedy has torched eight unseaworthy ones.

West Australian author Tim Winton at Bathers Beach in his beloved Fremantle.

West Australian author Tim Winton enjoying the Indian Ocean.

Tim Winton makes a stand in front of a gill-fishing boat at Fremantle's Fishing Boat Harbour. Winton is advocating that Australians be more selective on eating endangered shark species.

The Cortege swerves a collapsed soldier from the guard of honour at Peter Casserly's state funeral departing St Patrick's Basilica Fremantle. Mr Casserley (107) was Western Australia's last surviving WW1 Digger - 2005.

The coronavirus stricken cruise ship Artania is berthed at the port of Fremantle - 2020

Passengers from the coronavirus stricken cruise ship Artania are evacuated from the port of Fremantle - 2020.

In 2002 John Button was finally exonerated for the manslaughter of his girlfriend in 1963. Serial killer Eric Edgar Cooke confessed before being hanged.

Sally Cook and John Button at Fremantle Prison. Button has just been exonerated after 39 years for the manslaughter of his former girlfriend. He served 5 years of his sentence at the prison. Mrs Cook's former husband Eric was the last person hanged in Western Australia. He confessed at the gallows to a murder that Mr Button was found guilty of - 2002.

Darryl Beamish revisits his old cell on death row at Fremantle Prison and speaks in sign language with investigative journalist Estelle Blackburn in 2002. Mr Beamish was sentenced to death in the 1960's for the murder of Jillian Brewer a Victorian heiress to MacRobertsons Confections. The WA attorney general has just announced a hearing into the case which might lead to Mr Beamish being exonerated. Serial killer Eric Edgar Cook confessed before going to the gallows. For Beamish, the forty five years between conviction in 1961 and exoneration in 2005 is the longest for anyone convicted in Australia.

Darryl Beamish revisits death row at Fremantle Prison - 2002.

Journalist/author Estelle Blackburn was awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) for investigative journalism for her book Broken Lives.
The book instigated the quashing of a 1963 manslaugter charge and reopening a 1963 murder conviction. Perth Supreme Court with her legal team of John Davies and Tom Percy - 2002.

Graham "Polly" Farmer sees the likeness in the mural at the entrance to the Graham Farmer Tunnel (Polly Pipe) stating "I didn't think my nose was that big" - 2000.

Deputy Prime Minister Julia Gillard and mining magnate Andrew "Twiggy" Forrest lock horns at the Chamber of Commerce luncheon where Ms Gillard was guest speaker at the Perth Convention Centre - 2010.

Antony Gormley sculptures at Lake Ballard remotely situated in the Goldfields of Western Australia. The artist himself (right) discusses the positioning of one of his figures after sunset to Finn Pedersen who is the co-ordinator between the artist and the volunteers who are erecting the sculptures.

Antony Gormley views one of his sculptures at Lake Ballard remotely situated in the Goldfields of Western Australia.

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